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This easy as A.B.C. way!

LOTS OF PLEASURE "Your course is one of the easiest I have ever taken and I get lots of pleasure from playing. My friends didn't think I could learn without a teacher, but I am playing most anything."

LEARNED QUICKLY AT HOME "I didn't dream I could actually learn to play without a teacher. Now, when I play for people they hardly believe that I learned to play so well in so short a time"

INVITED TO PARTIES "I have invitations to play at parties and entertain families who have sons in the Service to lift their spirits. I owe you much for making this possible."

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BROUGHT STEADY JOB "Before taking your course I could not read one note of music, but today music to me is just like reading a book. A friend asked me to help out playing at a dance. As a result of that invitation my musical ability brought me a steady job."

Thousands Have Learned To Play for Less Than 7 Cents a Day

What instrument would you like to play? We'll show you how you can learn to play it - quickly, easily, in spare time at home for less than SEVEN CENTS A DAY! Never mind if you don't know one note of music from another - don't worry about "special talent."

The truth of the matter is that thousands now play who never thought they could! Yes, men and women everywhere are enjoying the thrilling satisfaction of playing the piano, violin, guitar, saxophone or other favorite instrument. Some of them are playing in orchestras and over the radio; others are teaching music, making money in spare or full time. And thousands are playing for their own enjoyment and the entertainment of their friends.

It all came about when they wrote to the Degnan School of Music for the free booklet that shows how EASY it is to learn music at home this modern way. No tedious scales, no tiresome exercises. You learn to play by playing - start right in almost at once with the melody of a simple tune! It takes only a few minutes a day and the cost is a trifling; you save the expense of a private teacher. Does it sound too good to be true? Mail the coupon and get the FREE PROOF! (Our ninety-ninth year - Est. 1898.) Degnan School of Music, PO Box 162, Landenberg, PA 19350.

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FREE! Print and Picture Sample

PO Box 162, Landenberg, PA 19350
I am interested in music study, particularly in the instrument checked below. Please send me your free booklet, "How to Learn to Play Music at Home," and the free Print and Picture Sample.
Piano Trumpet Mandolin
Guitar Violin Clarinet
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