Web Design and E-Commerce Experts

Not just a pretty face...
We know how to deliver websites that feature responsive design, database-driven content, secure e-commerce, account services, and integration with social media. We are equally comfortable with CMS solutions like WordPress, or building and maintaining what we have designed from scratch.

We build custom eCommerce systems integrated seamlessly into our web designs. We are ColdFusion, Javascript and PHP programming language experts. In addition to traditional retail-to-consumer sites, we are also experts in cXML B2B supplier e-commerce. Our eCommerce solutions integrate with all B2B supplier portals including Ariba, COUPA, and Oracle portals to name a few. We stand behind our web applications by providing a 24/7 customer service portal.

Let's not forget we offer complete turnkey services including ColdFusion and PHP web hosting on our private cloud network and custom Email Marketing that guarantees you'll be available to service your customers after we have launched your project.

What Makes Us Different?

We develop our own solutions and we can do just about anything you need, from web design to hosting, and eCommerce to contact list marketing. Since 1995 Degnan Co has offered 100% customizable eCommerce web applications for pretty much every service and industry. Our designs integrate seamlessly, and we strive to provide prompt real-person support for every customer, large or small.

eCommerce and Web Design

Customers continue to expect more from the online services they use. Our mission is to help businesses, "our customers", meet their customers' expectations fully and for a reasonable price. It's clear that customers are more likely to buy and interact with a business when the web site interface is tight and appears secure. As we all know, customers use many devices and they expect a web interface to respond without a lot of fuss.

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Web Hosting and Networking

We deliver for business.

Our focus today is to leverage our customers' Cloud Computing resources to maximize their computing ROI. Sure we still support physical servers, firewalls and traditional networking but we're also certified VMWare infrastructure and cloud security experts too.

We're proud to have been pioneers of the early Internet services business, but times have changed… a lot. Degnan Co has responded. Our focus today is to leverage our customers' computing resources to maximize ROI or cut costs using the Cloud. We're earned certifications in Amazon AWS and VMWare infrastructure and cloud security.

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Email and Web Marketing

We offer a variety of services that help get your message to current and prospective customers including:

  • Smart Website Marketing
  • Email List Marketing
  • Web / Search Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Turtle Mailer
Our latest product is an email list management system that has the best delivery rate compared to all competing products, guaranteed! If you have a mailing list for your business or organization ask us about our free trial program.

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From Small-Size to Enterprise

We know how to work within a budget.
Our staff of seasoned professionals will immerse themselves into your business to understand your needs and goals. We will work with you to formulate a plan that includes setting a timeline, coordinating all the materials, developing specifications and answering your questions and concerns along the way.

Rollout and Maintenance Support
After we've taken your site through the developmental phase, we will seamlessly roll it out and make it "live" based on a timeline we develop and agree upon as a team. Our work, however, doesn't stop there. We stand behind our products and services 100%.

We have a 24/7 customer support portal that will give you access to a real human being who can help. If it's a simple update you want, we can do that too in an efficient and timely manner. We're experts in communication and customer satisfaction.

cXML eCommerce for B2B Suppliers

Degnan Co is a pioneer in cXML punchout, SAP/OCI and Oracle supplier eCommerce. We support punchout catalog eCommerce, cXML PO and cXML invoicing and related automation.

Legacy eCommerce

We specialize in adapting legacy eCommerce systems for portal connectivity. Our team of programmers can rapidly integate the Degnan Co gateway applications with any legacy eCommerce platform!

We Support

Ariba® PunchOut
Vinimaya Acquire®
IAESC / Wilson Ed
Oracle ®

Turn-key Punchout Systems

Degnan Co. provides managed punchout eCommerce for suppliers who wish to quickly accelerate through the challenges of becoming a B2B portal-enabled cXML punchout supplier. We know the lingo and are veterans of dozens of buyer / supplier trading relationships. We know UNSPSC, CIF and cXML catalog design

Project Management

If you are a procurement manager looking to onboard multiple suppliers, Degnan, Co can serve as a single point of contact for all suppliers on your network, and provide a common connectivity platform making B2B integration less costly.

cXML Order Processing

The Degnan Co cXML gateway has a full suite of modules for purchase order processing (OrderRequest), order confirmation (OC), advanced ship notice (ASN), and invoicing (invoiceRequest) for Ariba, SCIQUEST, COUPA, Oracle Cloud, SAP, and private portals.

Management Tools

In addition to our punchout eCommerce system, Degnan Co offers customized inventory management, quote management and order processing and reports.

Website Hosting and Co-location

How Does Degnan Co Help My Business Find the Best Fit? It is important to understand the complete picture. Degnan Co will work with the customer to document, itemize and optimize a network implementation strategy.

  • What is the current environment? (Does the customer currently have physical servers, cloud servers, or a hybrid environment?
  • Will it be necessary to migrate physical server(s) to into cloud resources?
  • Does the customer wish to implement new cloud resources to an existing cloud environment?
  • What degree of managed support will the customer require?
  • What are the overall bandwidth, CPU, RAM, and storage requirements?
  • Are there security requirements and regulations specific to the business?
  • Will cloud resources be used for primary data center needs or as failover / test & development?
  • What are the uptime and service level objectives ("SLO / SLA")?

Turnkey Managed Hosting Plans

$119.00 Year

ColdFusion or PHP

Wordpress Optimized

Free Installation

24/7 Support Portal

Web Mail

SSL Installation

Daily Backups

Domain and DNS Services

Punchout Hosting

from $ 59 Month

Degnan Co Punchout eCommerce

Degnan Co cXML Gateway


24/7 Support Portal

Web Mail

SSL Installation

Daily Backups

Domain and DNS Services

Server Co-location

from $159 Month

Windows 2012 and up

Linux Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat

Amazon EC2 option

Physical Server option

Firewall and Routing Mgt

Hosting Migration Services


24/7 Support Portal

Enhanced Mail Authentication

SSL Installation

Daily Backups

Domain and DNS Services

the We Know How guy

The Tools and Services We Use and Support

References provided upon Request

A website for any platform, device, screen size, or browser!

We know how to deliver web sites that feature responsive design, database-driven content, secure e-commerce, account services, and integration with social media. We are equally comfortable with CMS solutions like WordPress, or when building and maintaining what we have designed from scratch.

Once we understand your business and your website needs, we will take this information and translate it into a site that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, content rich and has programming that works the way you need it to. The end result is a site that flows and functions for you and your audience.

If you're frustrated by your mobile app's lack of results, our responsive web site designs are a better (and much cheaper) alternative!

What's New?

Here's a sampling of recent work...

Speaker Coaching
Professional Speaker Website

Public Speaker Website

We're giving you a glimpse of one of our latest web site projects coming soon!

Organic Farming
Business Venture Promotion

Organic Farming Ventures

We're giving you a glimpse of one of our latest web site projects coming soon!

Anitas Crystals and Gifts

Anita's Crystals and Gifts

An awesome little eCommerce platform by Degnan Co provides an excellent and efficient experience for both customer and administration

Yacht and Delaware Registry a CT corporation and part of Wolters Kluwer
Enterprise Data Processing and Networking

Yacht and Delaware Registry, Ltd.

Delaware Registry and Yacht Registry (DelReg) provide incorporation services for clients around the world. Now part of CT Corporation and Wolters Kluwer.

Trophy Award Co
COUPA Punchout eCommerce

Trophy Award Co.

This full-service COUPA supplier punchout eCommerce system automates every aspect of B2B supplier automation!

Ariba / COUPA / Oracle Punchout eCommerce


FlowersOnline.com is one of the best-known floral gift suppliers serving all major produrement platforms powered by the Degnan Co cXML eCommerce ssytem and order processing module suite.

Delawere HIV Consortium

Delaware HIV Consortium

WordPress CMS with back-end tools for managing client programs and fund raising.

Velocity Rep Group
Digital Marketing

Velocty Rep Group

Degnan Co-enhanced WordPress content management system with specialize user portal and form processing.