Web Hosting and Networking

Web Site and Server Co-location Services

We’re proud to have been pioneers of the early Internet services business, but times have changed…a lot. Degnan Co has responded. Our focus today is to leverage our customers’ computing resources to maximize ROI or cut costs using the Cloud. Sure we still support physical servers, firewalls and traditional networking but we’re earned certifications in Amazon AWS and VMWare infrastructure and cloud security.

How Does Degnan Co Help My Business Find the Best Fit?

It is important to understand the complete picture. Degnan Co will work with the customer to document, itemize and optimize a cloud strategy.

  • What is the current environment? (Does the customer currently have physical servers, cloud servers, or a hybrid environment?
  • Will it be necessary to migrate physical server(s) to into cloud resources?
  • Does the customer wish to implement new cloud resources to an existing cloud environment?
  • What degree of managed support will the customer require?
  • What are the overall bandwidth, CPU, RAM, and storage requirements?
  • Are there security requirements and regulations specific to the business?
  • Will cloud resources be used for primary data center needs or as failover / test & development?
  • What are the uptime and service level objectives (“SLO / SLA”)?
Pricing and Procurement

Degnan Co uses its own provider-agnostic and proprietary tools to assess customers’ cloud computing needs and locate the appropriate services at the lowest cost. Once the service plan has been thoroughly documented, Degnan Co will procure the cloud services on behalf of the customer using its industry relationships to facilitate the process efficiently. Degnan Co will help navigate the procurement process, RFP development, and help negotiate services on behalf of the customer. Degnan Co can also work with SAP/Oracle/Ariba portal to help integrate the cloud vendor billing into the customer procurement system as needed.

Let Degnan Co Write Your Cloud Resource RFP

Degnan Co has experience writing, publishing and evaluating enterprise and Federal RFP contracts and can translate your requirements into a professional RFI/RFP.

Cloud Networking Implementation

The plan is in place, the services have been acquired. Next Degnan Co will execute the implementation plan until all objectives have been met. Degnan Co will help manage the project, track deliverables, and provide technical guidance.

  • Windows NT through 2016 OS
  • Linux/UNIX (i.e CentOS, Debian, RedHat, SUSE, FreeBSD)
  • Physical to Cloud Migration
  • Cost-effective backup and failover
  • Load balancer and redundancy
  • Firewall and CDN configuration support
  • Database replication
  • Storage (local and remote cloud storage)

Managed Private Cloud

Degnan Co offers managed and private cloud solutions tailored to meet your business, security, and service level objective (SLO) requirements. Customers may choose management at the hardware level only, hypervisor, OS, or full management through the application level.

  • CSA CCSK Cloud Security Certified
  • Support of industry-specific compliance such as FedRAMP, FISMA, ITAR, HIPAA, PCI, and CSA
  • 24/7 Phone and on-line ticket management system, US-based or International.

Programming and Support

Degnan Co has been implementing custom programming for 20 years on both physical and cloud environments.

  • Supporting VMWare, OpenStack, AT&T, Microsoft Azure and Amazon cloud environments
  • All Windows OS platforms
  • A wide variety of Linux and UNIX platforms
  • Application Access Management – LDAP / Active Directory
  • Database design and replication