Lloyd's Website

Hello! This is my Website. There will be more soon, so please wait! Feel free to browse.


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I have many Programs I have made in Processing.JS and JavaScript, but since my KA account is hidden to the public I will show some highlights from there to this link. There are also some HTML files I have made on the private account, like this one.

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Chromebook Magic

This is a word document listing a bunch of awesome things you can do with your Chromebook. The link to it is here. To suggest something to add, click here.

About Me

I am a boy who loves programming, video games, music, piano, and tennis!
I created this website so I could get show more people what I have achieved. I hope you enjoy.

I also have a Khan Academy,Youtube, and Twitch account, which you are free to look at. (sorry, the KA account is private)

This website was made using WinSCP and Notepad++, with no use of any 'website bulider' programs.

2015-2016 Lloyd, Last Update: November 7th, 2016